Work in progress Pop Art Pet Portrait Lucy 11in x 14in x 1

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Pet Portrait Timelapse Tess & Kate 24in x 36in x 1


Pet Portrait Tess & Kate 24in x 36in x 1

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Work in progress Pet Portrait Tess & Kate 24in x 36in x 1

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Early Years

Cameron Dixon was born and raised in the small town of Fort St. John in Northern British Columbia, Canada. From a young age my mother aided me in my curiosity of anything artistic and lots of my memories of childhood were with pencil crayons and paper in front of me.


A natural artistic talent excelled after high school through two separate Fine Arts Degrees, one in Visual Fine Arts, Grad 2000 (Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Drawing), and the second in digital design, Grad 2010 (design, web design, audio, and video production).



Since 2010, I had spent most of my time starting up a pet services and supplies store called Barks and Recreation with my wife which took up much of my time. Through this endeavor, I was able to work on painting pet portraits in my spare time as part of our business.  

In 2016 Sarah and I got to move to New York City which has been a constant delight, allowing me to view and immerse myself into a city that has an abundance of art, history, and different culture. 

Painting and photography have become my major focus in recent years if you would like to have me commission a work for you please contact me for a quote.


Favourite #

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Years of Experience

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