Pet Portrait Timelapse Tess & Kate 24in x 36in x 1


Pet Portrait Tess & Kate 24in x 36in x 1

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Work in progress Pet Portrait Tess & Kate 24in x 36in x 1

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Pet Portrait Painting Buster 8in x 8in x 1

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k8nkane - Jun 6, 2018

I haven’t been able to stop touching this painting since I pulled it out of the box. It’s like Cameron found my dog’s soul in the photo I gave him and infused it into the painting; the warmth and compassion, loyalty and humor, it’s all there. I commissioned this when I wasn’t sure of the outcome of my dog’s health issues, which luckily ended well, but I’m now confident this painting will be there to bolster me in the eventual dark days when my boy can’t physically be by my side. His soul will continue to shine brightly.

Alex May - 30, 2018

If you’re looking for a some custom art to hang on your wall you have to come to the right spot! Cam is an incredibly talented artist who will make you laugh with his weekly updates and leave you speechless with the final product.

I had coveted a piece from him for a very long time, and when I finally had the means to I didn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity. He painted a life like 11×14 portrait of my dog Loki, and it is by far and away one of my most treasured possessions. He managed to capture the mischief and joy in that lovely dog more effectively than my favourite picture of him ever did.

Cam made the entire process so easy, and made sure that I was never kept in the dark on where he was at in the process.

I really and truly guarantee that if you work with him, you will adore the results!


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Cameron Dixon

More About the Artist



Early Years

Cameron Dixon was born and raised in the small town of Fort St. John in Northern British Columbia, Canada. From a young age my mother aided me in my curiosity of anything artistic and lots of my memories of childhood were with pencil crayons and paper in front of me.


A natural artistic talent excelled after high school through two separate Fine Arts Degrees, one in Visual Fine Arts, Grad 2000 (Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Drawing), and the second in digital design, Grad 2010 (design, web design, audio, and video production).


Since 2010, I had spent most of my time self-employed at a pet services and supplies store called Barks and Recreation with my wife. Through this endeavor, I was able to work on painting pet portraits in my spare time as part of our business.  


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