12in x 12in – Custom POP ART, ABSTRACT Pet Portrait Painting from Photo, Pet Oil Painting, Cat Painting, Memorial, Time-Lapse Frame Included

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This listing is for a 12in x 12in x 1 3/8in POP ART ABSTRACT Oil on Canvas Painting. (Acrylic if a rush order)

– Archival-quality 100% cotton that’s triple-primed with acid-free acrylic gesso to reach a hefty 20 oz finished weight canvas stretcher.
– Black finished floater frame
– Hanging assembly
– Digital time-lapse file of the process uploaded to YouTube or via a downloadable link. Example: https://youtu.be/Ramlq4-leyY
– High-quality digital downloads of completed painting (link will be emailed or PM’d).

Add 25% for complex backgrounds
Add 60% for additional pet
Add 50% for a rush order

I also create paintings in the following sizes with a frame for a higher price: see my other listings
– 8in x 8in x 1 3/8in
– 11in x 14in x 1 3/8in
– 16in x 20in x 1 3/8in
– 20in x 24in x 1 3/8in
– 24in x 36in x 1 3/8in (frame unavailable)

Productions time is up to 8 weeks depending on how busy I am (usually up to one week to paint and a week or two for the paint to dry enough to ship), I will be able to give you a better idea of current time frame if you message me.

I’m a big animal lover, and I started by creating portraits of my pets that were meaningful to me and then for customers through my pet services and supplies business in 2010. I finally got to use the skills I honed from the two Fine Arts degrees that I completed over the past 20 years. I have never had time to do this full-time until now and I am excited to continue to paint for others while also painting my own original works.

I am hoping to move slightly further away from the detailed works I have done in the past and give you a more painterly style, feel free to view my website link below to see the styles I can work in (I basically can mimic almost any style if necessary)

Here is a link to my other artwork (am slowly cataloging older works into my site) so you know I know my stuff! http://www.camerondixon.com

The way it works is simple:
1. Purchase one of my Etsy listings in the size range you’d like or send me a convo to discuss options.
2: Send me one or two of photos of your pet! Reproduction is much better from in-focus, large and clear images. I can work from blurry or low-quality photos but the details lack.
3: I will produce up to 2-3 different styles and cropping varieties for you to choose from if you wish before I start.
4: I start work on the final painting, sending you photographic updates at the beginning, middle, and finish of the work.
5: Once finished, I ship to you a signed, dated, and add a frame to the painting of your pet that’s ready to hang and will send you a link to view/download some good quality digital files as well as the completed time-lapse. Time-lapse video often comes up to 8 weeks after you have received your painting.

I will ship via insured USPS priority mail.

The final painting is yours, the copyright/usage of the painting/video/images is mine.

Additional information

Weight 84 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 in

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2 reviews for 12in x 12in – Custom POP ART, ABSTRACT Pet Portrait Painting from Photo, Pet Oil Painting, Cat Painting, Memorial, Time-Lapse Frame Included

  1. odettelours

    Amazing painting and fast shipping!

  2. k8nkane

    I haven't been able to stop touching this painting since I pulled it out of the box. It's like Cameron found my dog's soul in the photo I gave him and infused it into the painting; the warmth and compassion, loyalty and humor, it's all there. I commissioned this when I wasn't sure of the outcome of my dog's health issues, which luckily ended well, but I'm now confident this painting will be there to bolster me in the eventual dark days when my boy can't physically be by my side. His soul will continue to shine brightly.

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